Ram Booster and Memory Cleaner for Android Wear 1.0 and 2.0 - Standalone App

Ram Booster for Wear is the app to clean your android wear unwanted, junk and cache memory. Ram Booster for Wear helps to boost wear memory and wear speed by cleaning junk files and release CPU resources. 

Ram Booster Android Wear app allows you to clear and clean the RAM Memory taken by third party apps and processes running in the background state.

Effective in User Interface, looks and feel and the unique features, this is the #1 app to clean and boost wear speed and performance.

Ram Booster for Wear promotes a hassle free wear experience with an array of attractive features that are unique to this app. 

Unique Features Introduced By Wear Ram Booster App:
Apart from the user-friendliness, attractive and minimalistic UIs and high-end performance, the component of the app led the team of developers to take memory cleaner and speed booster for wear to a whole new level. Below are the key highlights implemented to the Ram Booster for Wear.

Ram Booster has introduced a range of inimitable features such as:
• One Tap Cleaning: Open app and 1 tap to CLEAN JUNK FILES and BOOST Your Wear SPEED
• Task Manager and Killer: Kill Task which is taking more space and BOOST WEAR MEMORY and SPEED
• Settings Option - Notifications and Cleaning Service Every Hour
• Options to Open App and Uninstall App are available from Task Manager
• The best ram cleaner for wear app for your android wear device
• Available for Android Wear 1.0 and latest version 2.0 watches. 
• For Android 2.0 wear devices, the Ram Booster for wear can be downloaded from wear itself. It is supported by phone dependant app as well as the standalone app. 
• Compatible with Round watch as well as Square watch design
• Supports on all Android Wear versions

!! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 NOR GEAR S3 !! (running Tizen OS or other OS)

What are you waiting for? Download the most advanced RAM booster for wear app of all times to clean and boost speed up wear for good!

** If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact by Feedback option from the app before giving a bad rating. Thanks.

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