How to uninstall android wear apps

How to uninstall android wear apps?

First of all, you need to have installed Wear Uninstaller App from Google Play Store on your wear or smartwatch. You can easily install this uninstaller app from this link - Wear Uninstaller App from Google Play

This app supported or run on only Android Wear and Watches. This is the best wear app uninstaller app in the market to uninstall the unwanted apps and remove from your wear memory.

How to uninstall apps from Android Wear:

#1. Install Wear App Uninstaller from Google Play. It is supported for both Android wear 1.0 and android wear 2.0 as a standalone app.

#2. Android Wear 1.0 users will install this app on your Android Phone and Sync the app to Wear. Android 2.0 wear user will directly install wear uninstaller app from wear device itself. This app supports standalone version.

#3. The app looks like below screenshot in Android phone for Android wear1.0 users:

#4. On android wear this app looks like below screenshots:

#5. You will see the "Installed Apps" and "System Apps" tab on the home screen of Wear App Uninstaller app. As said, installed apps show the list of third party apps and system apps shows system inbuilt apps which cannot be uninstalled. Only Installed Apps list app able to uninstall app with wear app uninstaller app.

*** Uninstall android wear app and enjoy ****

Please let me know if you find any trouble with this app and uninstalling wear apps.

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