Anima Watch Face - Android Wear 1.0

Anima Watch Face is a fully customizable interactive and animated Android Wear Watch Face app. This watch face brings a unique style to your wrist guaranteed. Anima Watch Face Android Wear 1.0 app have settings on your mobile device to configure the watch face for any look you desire, update colors and create a completely custom look for yourself. 

This free watch face provides maximum features for free and some are in PRO upgrade just to support the development of watch face apps.

!! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 NOR GEAR S3 !! (running Tizen OS)

Unique Features of Anima Watch Face:
✔ Show digital or analog clock
✔ Digital clock modes - Anima, Light, Standard
✔ Analog tick modes - Big and small tick size
✔ Hour Minute digit or tick color 
✔ Leading zero on hour

✔ Total 8 Widgets/Complications Spots - Add widget, Update and Remove 
✔ Widget animation modes - Smooth, normal and fast
✔ Complications animation on/off

✔ 8 Data Widget/Complications - Google Fit Step Counter, Weather, Missed Calls, Unread Gmail, Unread SMS, Heartbeat, Wear Battery and Phone Battery

✔ 15 Launcher Widget/Complications - Flashlight, Hangout, Agenda, Timer, Alarm, Google Keep, Desk Clock, Google Map, Settings, Translate, Fun Memory Game, Ram Booster, Wear Apps Uninstaller, Super Compass and Charging Widget for wear

✔ Weather Forecast - Enter weather location using map, using phone location on/off, weather provider OpenWeatherMap, YR and weather unit in Celcius, Fahrenheit

✔ Ambient Modes - Eco, Standard, Personal (Burn-In protection )
✔ Ambient mode color, Ambient mode decoration and hide card in ambient mode

✔ Battery Saver - Choose battery percentage from which battery saver will automatically enable and disable the animation to save battery

✔ Background Animation on/off and speed modes - smooth, normal, fast
✔ Animation and visibility of views - Big dial, Cutter, Dotted and Topper shadow

General Options:
✔ Brand text
✔ OK Google position - Top, center, bottom
✔ Show hide date & weekday
✔ Date format - Europe or USA
✔ Time format - 12 hours/AM PM and 24 hours
✔ Center glow - Ripple, Glow, Diamond, Ray Light
✔ Background Images on/off to save more battery if wear running low battery
✔ Show interactive touch position on wear
✔ Vibrate on hour
✔ Use Big Card
✔ Use Translucent card
✔ Reset Step counter

✔ Refresh rate settings: Weather and heartbeat interval

✔ Themes - Auto update themes on a new day and total 22 themes available to use
✔ Fully customizable themes - Primary color, secondary color, hour color, minute color, second color, widgets/complications bg color

✔ Compatible with all round and square watch faces

★★★ Premium Features and Upgrade ★★★
What does Anima watch face premium package offer?
The Anima watch face android wear Premium Package is ready to deliver a better experience to its users through the following user-friendly features, which are added advantages.
-> Zero Ad Policy / Ads removed
-> Unlock 4 more complications/widget spots
-> Widget animation and speed controls
-> Ambient mode decoration option
-> Battery Saver
-> Cutter and Dotted View animation unlock
-> Choose your own title in place of "ANIMA"
-> Auto theme update

To Install:
1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App
2. Long press your android wear watch and choose Anima Watch Face as your watch face

The whole SETTINGS of the watch face are located in the "Android wear" app of your mobile.
Just hit the gear icon over the watch face preview and the settings screen will show up!

Download the most advanced Android Wear 1.0 watch face app of all times to personalize your wrist and watch for good!

** If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact by Feedback option from the app before giving a bad rating. Thanks.

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